Contemporary Harmony Romanticism through the 12-Tone Row

Ludmila Ulehla

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534 pages

Ludmila Ulehla

The understanding of the musical techniques of composition can not be reduced to a handbook of simplified rules. Music is complex and ever changing. It is the purpose of this book to trace the path of musical growth from the late Romantic period to the serial techniques of the contemporary composer.
Through the detailed analysis of the musical characteristics that dominate a specific style of writing, a graduated plan is organized and presented here in the form of explanations and exercises. A new analytical method substitutes for the diatonic figured bass and makes exercises and the analysis of non-diatonic literature more manageable.
The explanations describing each technique are thorough. They are designed to help the teacher and the student see the many extenuating circumstances that affect a particular analytical decision. More important than a dogmatic decision on a particular key center or a root tone, for example, is the understanding of why such an underdeterminate condition may exist.

"I have used this book for analysis for teaching and as a creative tool in my own compositions. It is enormously useful and provocative."
Robert M. Abramson, The Juilliard School, New York

"Contemporary Harmony is the only book that adequately treats contemporary compositional techniques as rhetorical expansions upon the past. of the great analytical essays of our century." Ron Thomas, pianist

"Contemporary Harmony is one of the finest, most comprehensive texts ever written on the subject. A unique and invaluable contribution to both the student and the professional musician." D. Anthony Ricigliano, Manhattan School of Music, New York

"Contemporary Harmony is surely the best, most informative, challenging, thorough and detailed explanation of the musical techniques of composition from 1900 to the present. It fills the hiatus left by Sch´┐Żnberg's "Structural Functions". I can honestly say, I would not be the musician I am without her insights into the creative musical mind of the geniuses of our century." Jack Reilly, Composer/Pianist/Author

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