Just Enough Bass DVD Kit

Learn to Jam on Bass!

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Item# BBDVD010
DVD: $ 19.95

This instructional package for beginning electric bass guitar includes a DVD, an interactive CD-ROM, and a portable book/CD set. The DVD Video introduces the instructors, shows how they got started, what it is like to perform, what music means to them, and how to buy your first gear. Learn some basic techniques and start jamming right away! Come back and play with the band in the interactive Virtual Jam Session! The CD-ROM contains your first 50+ bass lessons. Daniel, Liz, and Blake will teach you how to get set-up and start jamming. Learn the 12-bar structure, how to play with a steady beat, and bass lines for country, soft rock, heavy metal, jazz, pop, rap, and funk! The full color AudioBook is the pocket reference manual that works with the Audio CD that contains your first 50+ lessons and gives you the flexibility to practice and keep learning where ever you are. Just match the tracks in the book to the tracks on your CD player and follow along. Plus you can connect with JustEnough.net for more exciting benefits!

Minimum System Requirements for CD-ROM:

166 MHz Intel Pentium processor or compatible
Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP
8X CD-ROM Drive
800 x 600 Monitor Resolution
16-bit color depth
Sound card and speakers

120 MHz Power PC processor
Mac OS 8.1 or later
8x CD-ROM Drive
800 x 600 Monitor Resolution
16-bit color depth
External speakers recommended