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Item# BBDVD011
DVD: $ 39.95

Bill Dickens is a phenomenal bass talent whose reputation has reached legendary cult status. As one of the top session bassist in the world, Bill can be heard on various recordings as well as seen live on tour with fellow legendary artists. This DVD includes all the material from his previous released two videos and captures the total essence of his playing and will give you an inside look at the mind of "The Buddah".

Funk Bass & Beyond includes:

  • basic funk and rock techniques
  • gear and equipment
  • intermediate to advanced right and left-hand techniques
  • rudiments of rhythm/drum patterns and how they apply to bass lines

    Bass Beyond Limits includes:

  • harmonic concepts
  • chord tones
  • applicablescales
  • theory/substitution principles
  • gear and equipment for the performing jazz/rock/Latin player
  • applying funk popping techniques to Latin jazz
  • and Bill's seven steps to music enlightenment.