Progressive 5 String Bass

Bk & CD Stephen Richter

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Item# BBE042
Bk & CD: $ 16.95

This book introduces the beginner to the basics of playing 5 string Bass guitar. No previous knowledge of bass guitar playing or music is required. All music theory is gradually introduced in a very easy and clear way using over 70 examples. You do not need to read music to use this book, both music and tablature notation are used to show the position of the notes on the fretboard. The emphasis of this book is to get the student to play interesting music on the bass, and even the early exercises sound great!

It is recommended that you use the CD that is available for this book. It contains all the examples within, and you will learn faster when you are able to hear what the example sounds like and play along with the backing. As the bass player is part of the rhythm section, it is essential to play together as often and as soon as possible with other instruments, especially drums. Chord symbols are placed above some examples so that a guitarist can play along with the bass guitar.