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Stu Hamm: Bass Basics


Stu Hamm, bass player extraordinaire, has been the bassist of choice for dozens of virtuoso guitarists while he continually hones his jaw-dropping chops on countless sessions and solo albums. Bass Basics lays the foundation for freshman bassists through a step-by-step approach to every aspect of the instrument, from tuning up for the first time to nailing your first audition. Stu demonstrates helpful left and right hand techniques to build strength and endurance. He shares with you the language of music that will make quick work of communicating your ideas with other musicians. He also teaches you the language of music to help make quick work of communicating ideas at jams and auditions. Bass Basics equips you with a solid foundation of techniques, theory, rhythm patterns and bass lines, all of which can applied in any style of music. Stu shows you how to read tab and follow a chart, and teaches you the essential theory required to take your playing in any direction you choose. Bass Basics presents valuable insight into a multitude of styles, covering everything from country to classical. Stu also shares tips on tone settings for both the bass and amplifier and how to use them to get the sound you want. Never before has a bassist of this caliber shared such a wealth of knowledge to give aspiring bassists the benefit of years of pro experience. If you're serious about your journey to learn and play bass, Bass Basics is the ultimate guide.

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