Aram Bedrosian

Aram Bedrosian Solo Bass Pieces

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Recorded entirely with one bass alone with no layering of multiple parts, this 32 minute collection of solo pieces aims to help legitimize the bass guitar as a solo instrument. The 11 songs draw from a range of musical influences and are the culmination of two years of writing.


  • 1. Space Opera Sound Clip
  • 2. Mezzanine
  • 3. No Words
  • 4. Thumpty Dumpty Sound Clip
  • 5. Sand Castle
  • 6. Hearing Voices
  • 7. Terracotta
  • 8. The Clearing
  • 9. Fly
  • 10. Code Red
  • 11. Reprise
  • "Listening to this album, you hear Bedrosian make the transformation from a great bassist to a technical virtuoso....Its remarkable work. Mike McKinley, State of Mind Magazine, Feb/March 2007.

    "Aram Bedrosian is one badass bass player.... You can definitely hear why Bedrosian is effective in so many genres; his chops alone exceed most players’. But what really makes these tracks — composed over two years and recorded in six months — truly amazing is that they were laid down with just a single bass guitar. That’s right: no overdubs or special effects of any kind, just highly creative compositions and rock-solid performances. Bedrosian’s impressive dynamics produce infectious, resonating grooves that really hold your attention. “Mezzanine,” “Terracotta” and “No Words” each turn on the drop of a dime, while “Space Opera” and “Thumpty Dumpty” feature well punctuated solos that quite literally left my mouth agape. " Joe Milliken, Seven Days, February 2007.