Tyrone Wheeler #2 Bass Lines

Book and Play-Along CD

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Item# BJA039
Book & CD: $ 26.95

Book and Cd of Tyrone's original transcribed bass lines to the chord changes of Sugar, Mr. P.C., Blue Moon, Birthplace Blues, Sweet Georgia Brown, You Stepped Out of A Dream, The Girl From Ipanema, An Afternoon in Paris, Stop-Time Blues, Killer Joe, Lady Bird, Elvinish and Misty.

Also included in the package is another book with all the melodies and chord changes written out for bass clef, treble clef, Bb and Eb. After you read and analyze Tyrone's lines, try craeting you own using the chord charts or maybe take ashot at the melody. Call you friend the horn person and have them read the transposed chart and have a duet or a combo. Or..just play along with the CD which is recorded in stereo seperation which allows you to turn off the bass track and playalong with the piano and drums. Many possibilities