The Music of Paul Chambers

Jim Stinnett

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The Music of Paul Chambers is a collection of twenty solos which I feel epitomizes BeBop as played on the bass. Two of the three chapters are devoted to Blues and Rhythm Changes. These song forms were the basis of much of the BeBop improvisations. Chapter three consists of various jazz tunes ranging from standards to more obscure originals by Chambers and his fellow musicians.

The material presented here is a visual representation of Paul Chambers' musical ideas. Hearing the actual record- ings is the only way to feel his self expression. I have chosen to leave out most of the articulations. The chord changes have been placed above the solo as an aid to analysis. My intention is to show the solo as a melody which is based on the changes, but able to stand by itself. I believe Chambers "heard" melodies.

I hope this book will be an aid to those who already know Chambers' work. To those who do not know his work, I hope even more that this will be an inspiration to listen to one of the greatest bassists and a master of improvisation; Paul Chambers.

Jim Stinnett


Chapter 1- Blues

Castle Rock
Blue Spring
Trane's Blues
Straight No Chaser
Midtown Blues
The Lion and The Wolf
Blues for Nica

Chapter ll-Rhythm Changes

The Theme
Since l Fell For You
Can't See For Lookin'
Black Out
Chasin' The Bird

Chapter III
When Your Lover Has Gone
You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To
It's A Blue World
Just For Now
Teach Me Tonight
Paul's Pal
Syeeda's Song Flute