Arcology - The Music of Paul Chambers

Jim Stinnett

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Arcology is a collection of improvised solos. All of these solos were performed by Paul Chambers using the bow: Arco. In 1981 I published The Music Of Paul Chambers. This publication was the by product of my efforts to learn to play like P. C. At that time I chose not to transcribe any of Paul's bowed solos. This was probably because of my inability to perform them. Recently hearing Christian McBride swinging so well with the bow I decided I had to get Chambers' arco work down. My original plan was to provide a detailed study of P. C.'s jazz bowing style. As I started to transcribe I became so excited by Chambers' "melodies" I just kept writing them down. The detailed bowing study is going to take some more work to present it clearly but for now here is Arcology.

I hope you like it as much as I do.

J. Stinnett


What Is This Thing Called Love
September In The Rain
Stompin' At The Savoy
What Can I Say Dear?
Walkin (Blues)
Green Dolphin
Winter Wonderland
Cool Struttin' (Blues)
Francisco (Blues)
Weeja (Confirmation Changes)
Clear The Dex
Action (Rhythm Changes)
The PC Blues
Sippin at Bells(Blues)
Will YOU Still Be Mine
This Can't Be Love
It's You Or No One
Main Spring (Blues)
Weird O
Chamber Mates (Blues)
The Theme (Rhythm Changes)