Jazz Bass Compendium

Sigi Busch

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Item# BJA076
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By using this book you will obtain certainly a lot of impulses and ideas for your own playing. You will realize that the compendium has a different approach than following the overused step by step concept from beginners to more advanced. Each student has a different starting point, a different knowledge, a different way of learning, a different amount of talent and variing needs. Keeping this in mind the book is organized into various learning areas such as Left Hand, Right Hand, Coordination, Sound Walking Bass, Arpeggios, Scales, Concepts of Practicing and many others. Sigi Busch
Completely revised and enlarged edition! "Jazz Bass Compedium" is on of the most comprehensive method books. 208 pages filled with information and aspects on jazz bass playing.
  • The right hand:
  • The left hand:
  • Coordinating both hands
  • Bass lines:
  • The elements of sound
  • Various improvisation concepts
  • Arpeggios
  • Studies and etudes on the chord changes to Sunny, Footprints, I Hear A Rhapsody, Solar, Confirmation
  • Upperstructure voicings
  • Phrasing and articulation
  • Scales and scales studies
  • Practice concepts, different learning fields
  • 5 Bass duets, including Georgia On My Mind, Blues 4U and More Bass Hit