Progressive Rhythm Section Method For Bass and Drums

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Progressive Rhythm Section Method For Bass and Drums features over 70 licks designed to introduce bass players and drummers to virtually all commonly used rhythmical figures. Some basic musical knowledge will be helpful. The emphasis in this book is to familiarise bass players and drummers with each other's role in the rhythm section by showing how certain rhythmical ideas can be interpreted by each.

This book makes a great addition to regular study, focusing on improving the reader's role within the rhythm section. The recording enables you to play along with either the drums or the bass. It contains all the licks in this book.

Both music and TAB notation is used for bass players. Tablature is designed to make note location easy for players who find standard notation difficult.

This book will benefit the reader in the following ways:

  • Improve your reading skills
  • Improve your technical ability
  • .Improve your ability to perform in a band situation
  • Improve your rhythmical knowledge and accuracy
  • Provide a source of ideas for your own licks and solos.