You Can Teach Yourself To Compose Music

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Book and CD: $ 19.95

A very comprehensive book that answers many frequently asked questions about song composition. It starts at the very beginning the basic concept, and takes you step-by-step to the final completion and production of a song.

Covers a variety of approaches to composing, from the basics to styles, theory, writing the music on paper, developing ideas,. hearing melodies in your head and more. Has 57 audio tracks on the CD. Written in treble clef.

About the Authors

Part I
Where Do I Start?
The Basics You Should Know To Write A Song
Dividing Your Songs Into Measures
Idea People, Songwriters, and Composers
Developing Your Inner Ear
Defining the Scale
"Hearing" A Melody in Your Head

Part II
Is There Only One Method By Which We Can Compose?
Composing By Sight
Steps Skips and Leaps in Melody Writing
What Goes Up Must Come Down
A Good Pattern is Worth Repeating
Sequence: It's Much Like A Pattern But Has a Slightly Different Twist
What Begins Must End
The Need For A Cadence Within A Song

Part III
Rhythm: Where Composing Music Really Counts
At Least One Million Melodies Waiting To Be Discovered

Part IV
Writing the Lyrics To A Song
Are We Certain We Understand Rhyme?
What About Using Free Verse In Lyrics?
One Other Thing: Accented Beat
The Lyric As A Tool For Note Placement
Composing By Lyric
Enlarging the Scope of Lyric Writing
Composing By Use of a Countermelody or Partner Song
Composing By Following a Set Pattern of Chords and Note Values
Composing With A Theme In Mind
The Blues: The Loosest Form of Lyric and Melody
Composing A Fugue

Part V
Writing the Accompaniment: Introducing the Models
Models: Fitting Your Song In a Form
Simple Orchestration: Its Component Parts
Transposition: What Is It?
Starting to Arrange
Composing and Arranging with the Voice in Mind
Some General Hints For Vocal Arranging

A. Musicality Test
B. Chords/Signatures
C. Chord chart
D. Time Signatures
E. Master Arranging Score
F. Another Accent Problem
G. Answers to Musicality Test