J. S. Bach Two Part Inventions for 2 Basses

Bunny Brunel - Bk & CD

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Item# BMI021
Bk & CD: $ 22.95
This book is intended for bass players who want to improve their sight reading as well as their technique. These 2-part inventions were originally created for keyboard and have been adapted for two, 4-string basses. In order to fit within the range of the bass, some phrases have been transposed an octave up or down, and some of the ornamentation and special notation have been simplified. On the companion recording, part one (the right hand of the original) is on the right channel and part two (the original left hand) is on the left. It is encouraged that one practice these parts before playing along with the recording. A music notation guide and glossary are included for ease of reading and learning the music. Written in standard notation and tab. 96 pp.

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