Essential Styles for Bass

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This book was designed to demonstrate the many different styles music available for bassists to play, and to give the student ideas as to what to play in different situations. There are many other method books available for bass that teach all sorts of styles and techniques. This book shows you how, when, and where to use all the wonderful information found in those books. It will help you get a better understanding of most of the contemporary styles that will get you started on your journey as a working and playing bassist. The styles covered are Blues, Rock and Roll, Country, Funk, Latin, Jazz, and Rhythm & Blues. Examples are in notation only for four-string bass. The CD includes most of the examples from the book.
  Song Title:


  A Little Swing Time   Manfred Schmitz
  Birthday party   Manfred Schmitz
  Blackberry Blossoms   Arr. By: Rick Thum
  Chanson   Manfred Schmitz
  Circle Be Unbroken   Arr. By: Rick Thum
  Circus (I)   Manfred Schmitz
  Circus (II)   Manfred Schmitz
  Circus (III)   Manfred Schmitz
  Concertino   Manfred Schmitz
  Country Dance   Ferdinando Carulli, Arr. By: Renee Poirier
  Country Dance   Ferdinando Carulli, Arr. By: Rick Thum
  Daydreamer   Manfred Schmitz
  Evening Song for...   Manfred Schmitz
  Fantasy   Manfred Schmitz
  Farewell   Manfred Schmitz
  Flop Eared Mule   Arr. By: Rick Thum
  Golden Slippers   Written By: James Bland, Arr. By: Rick Thum
  Hi!   Manfred Schmitz
  Holiday Song   Manfred Schmitz
  Home Sweet Home   Arr. By: Rick Thum
  In the Morning   Manfred Schmitz
  Jovial Dialogue   Manfred Schmitz
  Liberty   Arr. By: Rick Thum
  Little Harlekin (I)   Manfred Schmitz
  Little Harlekin (II)   Manfred Schmitz
  Memody in Minor   Manfred Schmitz
  Missouri   Written By: Mike Dappert, Arr. By: Rick Thum
  Moonlight Melancholy   Manfred Schmitz
  Old Joe Clark   Arr. By: Rick Thum
  Petite Valse   Dionisio Aguado, Arr, By: Renee Poirier
  Petite Valse   Dionisio Aguado, Arr. By: Rick Thum
  Pop Party (I)   Manfred Schmitz
  Pop Party (II)   Manfred Schmitz
  Preludium in D   Manfred Schmitz
  Ragtime Annie   Arr. By: Rick Thum
  Scherzo   Manfred Schmitz
  Seneca Square Dance   Arr. By: Rick Thum
  Sentimental song (I)   Manfred Schmitz
  Sentimental Song (II)   Manfred Schmitz
  Snuggle Song   Manfred Schmitz
  Soldier's Joy   Arr. By: Rick Thum
  The Five Dollar Song   Manfred Schmitz
  The Meeting House   Written By: Rick Kuethe, Arr. By: Rick Thum
  Whiskey Before Breakfast   Arr. By: Rick Thum