Rock Bass (Rock, Blues, Reggae, Funk, Jazz)

Bk & CD - Hans-Juergen "Jacky" Reznicek

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Item# BST063
Bk & CD: $ 26.95

The comprehensive method book for the modern electric bassist including notation and tablature. Today, a good bass player has to be able to play in a wide variety of styles. You have to be able to solo as well as provide a solid groove and the necessary harmonic foundation of a song.

This book helps you with more than 150 licks and basic grooves for rock, blues, reggae, funk, jazz, and other styles plus exercises for timing, tapping, slap and other techniques.

Learning to play in different positions will help you feel at home on the bass. In addition, a thorough presentation of music theory throughout the text will give you the knowledge you need to branch out into composing, arranging, or producing, or to become a more capable sideman or studio musician.

All of the exercises have been recorded on the split-track CD without repeats. Turn the left channel all the way down, and you can practice with just drums, or leave it up to hear the bass part as well. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player looking to improve, this method book will put you on the path to becoming a better bass player.


The Instrument

General Comments
Practicing Tips
Practicing with the CD
Playing Together - The Groove
Bass Posture
Music Notation and Tuning
The Right Hand - Playing the Strings
The Left Hand - Fingering

Overview of Instructional Content

Open Strings
Bass Notation
Note Lengths
Rest Lengths
Dead Notes

I. Position
Double Bass Fingering

II. Position
Legato and Staccato
Enharmonic Equivalents
Changing Positions

III. Position
The Major Scale - C Major

IV. Position

V. Position

VI. Position
Dotted Notes
Minor Scales
Minor Chords

VII. Position
Tertiary Rhythm - The Triplet

VIII. Position
The Pentatonic Scales
Hammer-On and Pull-Off

IX. Position
Slap Bass
Pop Attack - Popping the String

X. Position
Playing Chords - Playing Multiple Notes
The Blues Form
The Blues Scale

XI. Position
Odd Meters
The Diatonic Scales (Modes)

XII. Position
Guitar Fingerings
Natural Harmonics

XIII. Position
Concert Guitar-Finger Picking

XIV. Position

Fretless Bass

The Blues
Rock n' Roll - Rhythm 'n' Blues
- Hard Rock - Heavy Metal
- Rock Ballads - Slow Rock
- Country Rock - Folk Rock
Soul - Funk
Latin Music
- Bossa Nova
- Samba
- Mambo
- Salsa

Equipment Tips

Fret and Notation Table
Major and Parallel Minor Scales
Chord Table
Scale Table
Suggested Reading
Suggested Listening
Special Symbols