The School of Agility - Eugene Levinson

A Technical Method of the Scale System for String Bass

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Preface By Eugene levinson

Over the years, I have been urged by many of my students to write a book that followed my approach in playing the bass. These students felt that my technical schooling helped them greatly, and thought that bass players worldwide could benefit from my methodology. It is at their behest that I have written The School of Agility.

The main aim of this book is to introduce the modern bass player to a wide range of fingerings that will enhance the left hand's agility upon the fingerboard of the bass. Included here are the twenty-four major and minor scales and their respective arpeggios. Unlike other scale books, this one begins with the E Major/ E Minor scales instead of the usual C Major/ A Minor scales. This approach allows the bassist to explore the instrument starting on the lowest string (four-string bass), and working chromatically upwards. Within each scale, I have indicated a variety of possible fingerings that are appropriate to specific playing situations. These fingerings facilitate the shaping of musical phrases by creating smoother transitions from one position or string to another. The variety of fingerings allows each individual bassist to find a comfortable one suitable to his/her level and style of playing. My hope is that the techniques presented in The School of Agility will familiarize today's bass players with a new method of playing the bass.

242 pages