Mastering the Bass Book 2

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Book 2 continues to build strong technique, ear skills, and musicality with obtainable goals relative to those accomplished in Book 1. A large number of shifting and position studies are presented to help players learn to navigate the fingerboard. For upright bassists, there are bowing exercises and variations as well as an explanation of bow articulations. In addition, you will find a further explanation of theory, which includes: triads, inversions, basic, diatonic harmony, minor scales, modes and simple chord progression analysis. You will also find discussions of musical expression markings, such as dynamics, and various articulations. A thorough knowledge of all of these musical elements contributes to your instrumental


Practice Routine
Developing a Concept
Time and Intonation
Ways to Stimulate Interest and Practice
Note Finder Diagrams

Andante (walk) in A Minor
E Minor Waltz
Bow Articulation
Bow Technique
Basic Slap Style, Right Hand
The Slur, Hammer-on, Pull-off, Single Bow
Sixteenth Note Speed/Tremolo
Motown/Uses of Articulation
Examples of Articulation
Chromatic Bass Fantasy
B Major, Triplet Study
B Major, Tumble Weed

Looking Ahead
Reading Rhythm
F Major, Looking Ahead Exercise
Looking Ahead/Cut Time
C Major Repeated Notes
Eb Repeated Notes
Reading Tips/Sequence Recognition
G Major Repeated Notes/Octave Study
Pop Hit 8th-Note Grooves
Blues/Riff Parts
C Major, Jazz Waltz
R&B Piece in C

Positions/Reading Technique
Intervals in Position (Upright Bass)
C Major 7th Chord Positions Without 5th (G)
String Crossing
Intervals in Position (Upright Bass)
Reading/Ear Training Exercise/Constant Rhythm
Diatonic Intervals Above and Below a Root Pedal All in One Position
Diatonic Intervals Above and Below a Root Pedal
Diatonic Intervals Above and Below a Root Pedal Involving Three Positions or Halfstep Shifts
C Major Pedal Point Study
Eb Major Pedal Point Study
Various Intervals in Position with Keys Moving Down in Whole Steps
B Minor/Walking in Place
March in B Harmonic Minor/2nd position
C Major, Walking in Place, Position Study
G Major/Walking in Place, (position study, 3rd fret)
Typical Bass Line Pattern in Fourth Position
A Blues in Fourth Position

Triad & Scale Exercises/Positions/Pieces
Triad and Scale Exercises
F Major Scale
Bb Major Triad
Alla Breve
When the Saints Go Marchin in
5th Position, Bb Major, Velocity Study
Triplet, Triad, Position Study
F Major Triad
Playing the Scale in Broken Intervals
1st Position, F Blues Walk
Walking in 6th & 5th Intervals
F Major Roller Coaster
F Major Etude
Triplet Exercise with the Triads from F Major
F Major Triplet Study--Riding the Waves
C Major Triad
C Major
C Major 6/8
A Minor Triad 2nd Position
A Minor Triad 2nd Position with Open Strings
Waltz in A (Harmonic) Minor
A Minor Funk
D Minor Triad 5th Position
D Minor Triad 10th Position
Minor Walk
Minor Hop
Minor Mood
G Minor Triad 1st Position
G Minor Triad 3rd Position
Bb Major/G Minor Velocity Study
G Minor Waltz
E Major Triad 1st Position
Playing the Scale in Broken Intervals
E Major ETNA
March in E Major
E Major, Diatonic, Velocity Study
E Major Triad 4th-6th Position
C# Minor Triad 4th Position
C# Minor Triad 6th Position (6th and 7th Position Upright)
C# Minor Triad 9th Position
Minor Hop
A Major Triad Open 1st Position
A Major Triad 5th Position
Melodic Exercises in A Major
A Major March
F# Minor Triad 2nd Position
Minor Walk
Ab Major, 4th Position Etude
Db Major, 3rd Position Etude
8th Position, Diatonic Triad Study in Db

Time and Rhythmic Accuracy
Latin Variations
Latin Figs & Olives
Vamps with Different Meters
Spy Music

Basic Improvisation
18 Basic Chord Types
How to Interpret Chord Symbols
Approach Notes
Twelve Bar Blues
200,000 Miles from Earth
Improvisation: Basic Chord Outline
G Minor/Jazz Blues Walk
G Minor Blues/Walking
Blues Scales

The Mechanics of Shifting
Shifting Options
Study in Roots, Fifths and Octaves
G Minor Scale in Fourths
Circular Scale
A Major/Shifting Study, Lullaby
Ab Major, Shifting Studies
Shift Study
Shifting on 2 Strings
Shifting on A and D Strings
Fingering Options
F# Minor Waltz
Exercise in Major Tenths

Intervals of the Major Scale
Relative Minor Scales
Major and Minor Scales
Traditional Melodic Minor Scales
Pentatonic Scales in Broken Intervals
The Major Triad, Root Position
The Minor Triad, Root Position
The Augmented Triad, Root Position
The Diminished Triad, Root Position
The Sus4 Triad, Root Position
The Augmented Triad
The Sus4 Triad
Triads, Diatonic to the Major Scale
C Major/Polka/Triads
C Major Theme and Variations
All Diatonic Triads
Inversions of Triads (review)
C Blues Using Triads and Inversions
I - IV -V Progression
Scale by Numbers
Warm-up Exercises

Ear Training
Ear Training
Ear Training: Pitch Exercise #3
Ear Training: Pitch Exercise #4
Ear Training: Chord Progressions

Duet #1
Duet #2
Play for Peace
C Minor Blues
The Dorian Rain