Soloing for all Bass-Clef Instruments

Book/CD Earl Gately

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Although there are many fine scale books on the market, none of them really go INSIDE scales to explore the various intervals, harmonized scales in triads and diatonic 7ths, neighbor tones to achieve some chromaticism and how to employ multiple uses of the scales (modes) by superimposing them over the given chords to expand and color them. A variety of chord progressions, taken from various forms, are used in the Ideas for Soloing, with complete analysis. The book covers the Harmonized scales of the Major, Ascending melodic Minor and the Harmonic Minor. Also covered are the Symmetrical scales: the Half-Step/Whole-Step Diminished scale, Whole Step Half Diminished scale, Whole Tone and the Chromatic scales, plus the Major, Minor, Altered major and Blues Minor Pentatonics and the Harmonic Major III scale. Companion CD included.

Soloing for all Bass-Clef Instruments -